About American Telephone

American Telephone, Inc., founded in 1991 by Kip Bird and Rick Sober, is a privately owned Telecommunications Company headquartered at 209 N 2nd street in Ponca City. American Telephone has installed and provided services to residential customers, small businesses, large businesses, and national accounts. American Telephone is a dealer and supplier of business telecommunication products which enables them to offer each customer a state of-the-art telecommunications solution designed for their specific voice and data communications requirements. The industry’s leading equipment Manufacturers supply their product line.

American Telephone recognizes that sophisticated business telecommunications networks not only require efficient installations but also require continuing expert service and maintenance of installed equipment and components. American Telephone is dedicated to provide the very best in products and services. American Telephone is certified on the Panasonic line of equipment. This equipment allows users to network their telephone system with other locations in their company via VOIP, whether in the same town or across the country. In addition, a user can use a wireless personal station and go throughout their entire facility by the use of wireless cell stations. Furthermore, all programming can be stored and backed up for disaster recovery.

Our Approach

American Telephone offers a streamlined approach for business customers’ telecommunication needs. They start by offering their consultant services to assist in a telecommunication business plan. They can install data and phone cabling, fiber optics, and wireless network equipment to build the correct infrastructure for that business. In addition, they order and coordinate installation of business telephone and data services for their customers. They work closely with companies like AT&T, COX Communications, Broadvox SIP services, and others to facilitate short and efficient installations; and offer these services at no additional charge. Moreover, we install and program the appropriate telephone and data equipment necessary to integrate with the customer’s voice and data needs. We offer a wide variety of equipment choices for one primary reason: American Telephone interprets the customers application needs and finds the appropriate equipment to match that application instead of having one equipment type and seeing how the customers needs fit that application mold. In one particular job we may choose Panasonic IP for telephone voice needs, ICC for data and network cabling, Corning for fiber optic cabling, Leviton for fiber optic termination and Valcom for on premise paging needs. Finally, the customers receive training, either one-on-one or in a classroom environment on the operation and usage of their new equipment. Each customer receives custom printed overlays for their telephones and a condensed user instruction sheet. Both are linked to help simplify its usage. American Telephone offers its web site ( to help accommodate people who like to use the internet as a help tool. Our site can help with technical tips, tutorials, user manuals, or a contact form to ask a question. American Telephone stands behind its equipment, installation, and services with proven warranty coverage. If a customer has a problem with dial tone, a phone, a data circuit, fiber optic cable, a voice mailbox, or an “I don’t have a clue” problem, they can report it to American Telephone at any time. American Telephone is striving to become businesses’ single point of contact, thus making it the first and the last phone call for “all of your communication needs”.

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